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Learn everything you need to know to avoid foreclosure and navigate the short sale or loan modification process.
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This book was written with one purpose - To help you Avoid Foreclosure and NOT go broke doing so. By the end of this book, you will understand ALL of the options available to you.
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The powerful, yet practical advice in this book also explains:

  • 1
    Your Most Important Tool: the 120-day Foreclosure Waiting Period Before Foreclosure Starts
  • 2
    How the Foreclosure Process Works
  • 3
    How Lenders Must Review You For Loan Modification First
  • 4
    Potential Tax Consequences, And More.
  • 5
    Finally, If The Law Changes, You Won’t Be Caught Unaware. You’ll Find Significant Developments Posted On The Foreclosure Survival Guide’s Online Legal Update Page.

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What our readers are saying:

Help has arrived!

This book is a lifesaver! I've been facing foreclosure and trying so hard to figure out what to do. The step by step processes listed are exactly what I needed to help me get started. The book really cleared up questions that I've had on the effects of foreclosure, short sale, and bankruptcy options on my credit so I can make an informed decision. I really don't want to go into foreclosure and now I know how to avoid it.

There is also a great section about the type of scams that exist and how to avoid them. I've looked at a number of these options and I am thankful to have them explained thoroughly in one place. There is no way I want to make this any worse!

Most books I've read have only had a portion of the information contained in this book - and they cost more! If you're facing foreclosure, this is a MUST READ!


Time matters, educate yourself!

After exhausting the venues we knew on how to save our home, we became desperate. Not knowing where to turn next, and with the hope to find an option that we might had missed, we search online. For sure, we found some suggestions on what to do but could not find the right fit for us.

We recently decided to give a try to this book because we just couldn’t give up yet. We have several children at home!

We would like to thank the author. He helped us to find the correct direction and the right option. With simple vocabulary, and friendly tone he explains the details we needed to know to save our cozy home WITHOUT going 100% flat broke. Clearly, the author is experienced on the matter. So here we are now, on the road to a better tomorrow for us.

Time matters when it comes to your home, so I strongly recommend you educate yourself with the options you may don’t know existed before. This book WILL teach you those. Don’t waste time and read it, too. Take the right steps to free yourself from the stress already, too.

- northgal

A must-have if you're facing foreclosure - So much information

I'm not quite sure where to start. This book is so incredibly packed with so much helpful information right from the start. The author has definitely done his research, and he's put it out there for those of us who don't know where to start, for just pennies! He explained in great detail all of the answers to the questions that I thought I would never understand. This isn't just about silly tips and tricks that you can find anywhere else on the net. These are like the 'secrets' that nobody wants to tell you, and in so much detail. From where to start, who to call, detailed definitions of everything, what to do and how to do it; I just can't say enough about this book. I highly recommend this to anyone who is facing foreclosure, or even to anyone who knows someone who might be in that type of situation. This will definitely save a ton of heartache and stress.

- Michele