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Dear Shannon and Glen,

 I wanted to take a minute and say Thank You for all your support during our condo sale. I know that if both of you were not as proactive as you were, my condo would still be on the market. Your professionalism and persistence in dealing with all involved parties is a credit to your integrity and profession. I could not have done it without you guys!

 Thanks and may you keep reducing inventory for those agents that dont know how. 


Take care,




Yes, it is really unbelievable!  2 years of short sale attempts, probably another 2 years of loan modification attempts, so it has been a stressful 4-5 years thinking about house issues. We feel very fortunate that we were referred to you and Shannon last year, and finally had someone that could do what they said they would!

I can’t thank you enough.  You are the man who got it done!!  I truly appreciate your organization and communication throughout the process. 

Tony P

(follow up)
I want to say how impressed I was that you sent my wife a Happy Birthday Card and to check in with us.  You guys are truly the best and very, very professional, courteous, and just good people to work with. Being in Sales I do appreciate great customer service, follow up, etc and you both have done a great job and continue to do so even though you completed our short sale!

We are doing great, we are in a great rental house(bigger, extra bedroom, huge yard for the girls), and life is good.  We wish you both the best and if you ever need a referral……I am your guy.

Tony P



Hi Shannon & Glen,

Break open the bubbly!! :) Thank you so much for everything you have done, you have made the entire difficult process so easy and worry free for us!!! I can't tell you how much we appreciate your efforts!

I remember when we spoke when we were just started you told me the earliest we could expect to close would be August, and that was only if we got offers pretty quickly. Well here we are August 19th, you nailed it!

We are very pleased with the outcome and especially your service and won't hesitate to call you with any of our real estate needs in the future, as well as recommend you to everyone we know.

Again, we can't thank you enough for everything!!



Glen and Shannon,

Thank you so much for selling our condo.  We are so appreciative of you and Glen!

All of us are so much better off in our new bigger apartment, the baby sleeps better in her own room and Rob and I are less frustrated because we are not so crammed.  WOW!  I can't tell you enough how grateful I am to you both.



Hi Glen/Shannon:

That is incredible news and really great timing...before the weekend.

I wanted to sincerely thank you both for making this process as painless as possible.  The cast of incompetent and greedy characters that I've encountered in owning this property has at times astounded me.  It is great to know that there are real estate professionals who are also interested in their clien'ts needs.  Your high aptitude for this field, patience, and professionalism were very much appreciated during an inherently difficult process.

If I know of anyone who requires the services of real estate professonals, your office is at the top and in fact the only reference that I would provide.  I will at some point be buying again and I will definitely be contacting you also at that time.

Thanks again,



Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have been so helpful in this whole process, and very patient with me. Its a relief to get the condo out of my name and this whole financial poor investment behind me now, moving on! I have to admit, who ever bought it got a great deal, it was in good shape.
I will be forwarding your information to my friend who has some questions about selling her house as a short sale, I highly reccomended you (I already told her about you, and she was surprised by how quick you sold my place), her name is XXXXX, when she calls you.
Again, I am very happy with your services and help, I really appreciate everything that you have done for me. Thank you!


Glen and Shannon,

I just wanted to say a great big thank you for all of your help!  We closed our second short sale in 2011, and cannot tell you how relieved we are to finally have these off our shoulders.  I know you have spent a LOT of time "fighting" for us and we really appreciate it!  We really needed to sell these homes and doing a short sale was our best option. 

You have gone "above and beyond" to make this as smooth a process as was possible.  I am really impressed how you always maintained a positive attitude even in light of some pretty stressful situations.  You guys performed a miracle.  I would recommend you to anyone in the same situation.





We just dropped off the key with the new owner. This is a weight off that has been there for a year! Trust me, I will always refer you and if we personally need Real Estate assistance, I will contact you and will do my best not to make it a short sale!

God bless!



Shannon and Glen were extremely helpful throughout the short sale process. They responded all of my questions quickly and I never felt like I was getting anything less than an honest answer. The short sale process is difficult but the professionals at Silvercrest make it as easy and stress-free as possible.



Shannon and Glen,

We wanted to sincerely thank you for your relentless efforts on our behalf.  We feel truly blessed to have such a great group consistently going above and beyond all our expectations to make this work.  You both guided us through the entire process, providing detailed documentation and putting together a solid package for our short sale approval.  Words cannot express how thankful we are for your outstanding service, professionalism, and impeccable attention to detail.  You provided us with hope, and for that we will be forever grateful.  There is no doubt in our minds that the both of you are truly the best in what you do.  God Bless.  

Pete and Ava

Shannon and Glen are VERY good at what they do!!!

Their knowledge of the short sale process is excellent. My wife and I had a lot of questions and uncertainties but Shannon and Glen explained everything. Their knowledge helped put our mind at ease. To short sale your home is a difficult decision. Shannon and Glen provided the information needed to help make that decision and without being pushy. I respected that about their team. At every meeting or phone call, we were ALWAYS asked if we had any questions. They took the time to answer all our questions every time. In addition, they had a team of experts (lawyers, CPAs, etc) for us to consult if we had additional technical questions that they could not answer.

When we were in the short sale process, Shannon and Glen handled everything. It was nice to know that you had a team of experts managing this stressful process. We were given regular updates. Everything they advised us about from the start, happened. There were NO hidden surprises. Lastly, they did a FANTASTIC job negotiating with the bank. We thought we were going to have to pay a very large sum of money but they negotiated the amount WAY down!!!

Overall, we are very happy with their service and the entire process!!!

Thank you Shannon and Glen! 

Jeff L

As a client of Glen and Shannon they provided me superior service. They are very knowledgeable about the short sale process and kept me informed through each step of the process. They have a very credible reputation with the mortgage companies they are negotiating with. I highly recommend them both!

Philip S



I highly recommend Shannon and Glen. They are a great team! My process was very difficult because I had loans with two different companies. They were very patient and kept me informed in all of the short sale steps. They are very professional and got back to me very quickly whenever I had any questions. I really appreciate all of the help that they gave me.

Thanks you so much,


We decided to short sale our townhome in October 2009. We were referred to Shannon & Glenn by another couple that was going thru the same thing and had success with them.  From the very beginning they were upfront and honest about the whole process as well as throughout the process.  They did all of the leg work on making sure that our short sale went thru, even when our first buyer backed out and we had to get another one.  They didn't waste time, we had a new buyer within two weeks.  They did their jobs throughly making sure that the buyer would be accepted by the bank.  I can't even begin to express how much we appreciated all of the work they did in dealing with BofA.


Dear Glen and Shannon,

I am so grateful we chose you to help us short sale our condo. I always thought it would be a very difficult process but you made it as fast and painless as possible. You always answered our questions promptly and eased our minds the whole time. We can’t believe you even got the bank to pay part of our past due HOA fees! I could not have asked for better service from both of you. Thankfully we can move on with our lives now. I will HIGHLY recommend you to anybody I come across that needs help selling their home.

Thank you both again for all your hard work,

Martin and Brian

To Whom It May Concern:

I initially bought my condo in 2004.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances I moved away from San Diego in 2006.  For two years I rented my condo out, but with the economy I found myself upside down in payments.  I decided to contact Silvercrest Realty regarding selling my condo during the summer of 2009.  Glen Henderson discussed with me my options for selling and ultimately a short sale for my condo was the most appropriate route.

In talking with Glen regarding a short sale, he put my mind at ease.  He willingly explained the short sale process, the length the process would probably take and the path which I would need to take to complete the sale.  Overall, it was a very long process, but Glen handled all the phone calls to the buyer’s agent and mortgage companies.  He took care of all the hard work and it gave me peace of mind.

Because I was no longer living in the area I relied on Glen for everything.  He quickly answered my phone calls or emails or if he was unable to Shannon did.  They were very patient, flexible, and knowledgeable in the short sale process.  Without Silvercrest Realty my condo would probably still be on the market.  I highly recommend Glen and Silvercrest Realty to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home. 

Thank you Silvercrest Realty and Glen Henderson for selling my condo!

Best Wishes,
Kelly B.

"We had an excellent experience with Silvercrest Realty when we short sold our home in Normal Heights.  The whole process took a little over 3 months and we didn't have to pay a dime.  Shannon was up-front and clear when she set our expectations on day one and then she followed through with what she said.  In addition, she was very responsive and professional.  We would without hesitation recommend Silvercrest to anyone interested in buying or selling a short sale in San Diego!"

Thanks again Shannon & Glen!  It really was a great experience!


I owned a rental property that was upside down by more than $200K due to the declining market conditions and, with a new baby on the way, the expenses were getting to be more than my wife and I could handle.  We were therefore desperate to get rid of the property any way possible. 
Thankfully, we were fortunate enough to come into contact with Shannon Keatley and Glen Henderson of Silver Crest Realty.  They advertised themselves as short sale specialists.  Having already contacted another so-called "short sale specialist," I was skeptical, to say the least.  But upon meeting Shannon and Glen, I was put at ease by their professionalism, confidence, and expertise.  It is rare these days that I come across a group who does what they say they will do in a timely manner.
As we worked through the sale of my properties, I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and the speed with which they handled my transaction.  I expected the process to take as much as six months, but in the end it took less than three months. 
They also took great pains to ensure that I was financially protected throughout the transaction.  As an example, they ensured that my lender waived all deficiency rights against me.  That was an essential part of the transaction.
I cannot thank Shannon and Glen at Silver Crest Realty enough.  I would recommend them to anyone in need of getting rid of an upside down property, and they are truly "short sale experts."


Thank you so much Shannon and Glen!  We will definitely refer your services! You were so easy to work with especially the fact that we did this all long distance! I can't thank both you and Glen enough for all your help! I just wish that my friends would fire the people they have been working with because they started their short sale process seven months before we did and still haven't closed. We were so lucky to have come across your website since you really do deliver what you state!


Karissa and Brad

I went into the short sale process tentatively.  After having met/interviewed with Glen and Shannon I felt as though they sounded very competent and knowledgeable about the short sale process, but still had a healthy dose of skepticism.  However, having now completed the short sale process (even quicker than we originally thought) I can say now that the process went almost exactly according to how they explained it would go.  I would recommend Glen and Shannon to anyone considering this path. Andy

Dear Glen & Shannon,

I would like to thank you for the awesome job you did with my short sale. From the start to finish you were courteous, professional, provided excellent customer service and have been quite a pleasure to work with. You and Shannon make a terrific team. I will definitely do my best to send you referrals. Once again, thank you. My family & I can now continue to move on to a fresh new start.

God bless you,


I highly recommend engaging Shannon and Glen to anyone having to do a short sale of their home and wanting to significantly  increase their chances of a successful outcome. They are extremely knowledgeable and thorough regarding the short sale process and one can expect a very high level of service and support from them throughout the process. Thanks for all the time and hard work you put into selling my home.  William


"Glen and Shannon worked with us during our most stressful time in our life facing foreclosure. We almost gave up if it wasn't for them. Even when we thought that there was NO WAY we could sell our property, they both diligently advertise our place and next thing we know, we got an offer. They answered all of our questions and if they were not able to answer, they referred us to the right people. They were good about keeping us informed about the status of the short sale all throughout until the day we closed. They are very knowledgeable about short sales." ----- Jerry 


To whom it may concern,

In the winter of 2008/2009, I had the pleasure of working with Glen and Shannon from Silvercrest Realty / San Diego Short Sale Experts. For many reasons, it was a pleasant and efficient relationship.

At our introduction, Glen and Shannon provided sound advice to me and recommended that I seek legal council, which I did, in the form of an excellent attorney they recommended. Meeting with their attorney was invaluable.

From this initial meeting through the closing of the sale, Glen and Shannon worked hard, were prompt to make/return calls, and were able to use technology to its fullest when appropriate. I was able to e-sign documents right from my computer and always received quick email replies to any questions I had.

Throughout the process of selling my house, I felt a strong level of trust from them and got a sense that they truly cared about MY outcome.

Mine was not an easy sale, but they never let on. That was huge!

Thanks guys,



Clairemont Property

Genuine and Professional.

San Diego Short Sale Experts were a pleasure to work with.  Very knowledgeable, caring individuals.  They met with me and put me at ease during a very stressful time in my life.  The process was fairly easy and the deal closed, on time as promised.  Hopefully I am never put in this situation again, but I will definitely refer business their way


"My husband and I chose San Diego Short Sale Experts / Silvercrest Realty after meeting with Shannon and Glen to discuss our options when attempting to sell in this very difficult market.  The value of our home had decreased significantly from what we bought it for and we were faced with a potential foreclosure.  We were able to avoid the consequences of foreclosure by completing a short sale.  This was only made possible by the expertise and persistence that both Shannon and Glen used in negotiating with the lender, mortgage insurance company, appraiser, and the buyer.  They advised us throughout the entire process and were constantly available to us for all of the questions, as well as any concerns we had along the way.  One month ago, we completed the short sale of our home and couldn't be more relieved and thankful to Glen & Shannon for seeing to it that our home sold!"

Crystal & Phil

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best thing to do in my situation and after deciding to try a short sale I met with several agents, but Glen and Shannon were the only ones that seemed sincere, honest and the most knowledgeable about the entire process.  We had a couple of offers. The first fell through due to the buyers financing, but they got another buyer in right away and we ended up closing with them. All I had to do is sign the papers and wait for updates and then the phone call that said we closed! I highly recommend them.. great team! 

Thanks for everything!




My husband and I recently purchased a home using Glen Henderson as our real estate agent for both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old one.  We could not have been happier with the service he and his partner, Shannon, provided 
Because our old home was obtained through an inheritance, we were unfamiliar with home buying process and consequently quite nervous about all the things we did not know.  Glen was very patient with us and explained everything that we needed to know clearly and thoroughly, and he was quite knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the process. He was always prompt in returning our (many!!) phone calls and the listing and marketing materials he put together were beautiful.
In addition to his patience and willingness to hold our hands through what could have been an overwhelming process without him, he gave us helpful tips on preparing our home for showing.  He was quite flexible and always made himself available to us at our convenience.  Several times he and Shannon came to our home in the evening after work to fill out paperwork, go over offers, etc. 
With Glen’s help, we had two offers for over our asking price after less than a week on the market and he helped us negotiate a great deal on our fabulous new home.  Working with Glen was a wonderful experience.  I would highly recommend him (and have already done so to a neighbor) and we plan on using him again if we are ever in the market for a new home in San Diego.
Chris and Rachel  

My husband Toni & I would like to tell of the continued fantastic service we have been receiving from Shannon & Glen. Over the years we have bought and sold multiple investment properties, along with our two personal residences. We have also had the pleasure of working together with Shannon & Glen in the refinancing of numerous properties.
Shannon and Glen are always available to help answer questions or help put our minds at ease during the various stages of buying, selling and refinancing. I really feel that they always have our best interest in mind. They listen to our needs, wants and concerns. We fell as though they are watching out for us and have always helped us find the lowest rates and the best loans. They have always made each transaction positive and productive.

Thank you for all the hard work.  We are glad we have had the continued opportunity to work with Shannon & Glen, and will continue to recommend them to ALL of our family and friends!
Best Wishes,
Rebecca & Toni 


I am writing to inform you of the wonderful service that Amy & I have received from two of you employees, Shannon Keatley and Glen Henderson.  Over the last 6 months, Amy and I have been involved with making real estate investments and were fortunate enough to have had Shannon & Glenn referred to us. 
We have now made two home purchases, one in the rental area, and one as a second home.  It is amazing to me to have felt so comfortable with their market knowledge, resourcefulness in getting information from the buyer’s realtors or the seller’s themselves, and lastly their endless effort to execute any task at hand.
We have been very pleased with Shannon and Glen and hope that your company recognizes individuals such as them.  These days, employees tend to just “do their job, collect their paychecks, and get home.”  Not these two.  It is rare to see the type of dedication, loyalty, and integrity that they both have and it is extremely refreshing to see the energy and confidence that they both exhibit in making a real estate deal happen. 


It was our pleasure to work with Glen Henderson and Shannon Keatley in the recent sale of our home located on the 5th fairway of the Aviara Golf Course here in Carlsbad, California.  We were particularly impressed with your firm’s focus on specializing in golf course properties and willingness to market in the Wall Street Journal, the Golf Channel etc as necessary. 
Glen & Shannon always displayed a thorough knowledge of the real estate market, finance/lending and all of the other administrative requirements in closing our transaction in a most efficient manner.  They were most helpful in that regard. We also felt that their innovative thinking as to showing the house and hosting our neighbors for a reception was creative in the most professional way.
We do appreciate their flexibility in providing a menu of services to market the property.  Most importantly, their quick response to all of the minor details that emerged in the sale of our home was very much appreciated. 
We would be pleased to recommend Glen & Shannon to all others looking for a real estate agent.


Dan and Fonny

We are very happy to have your assistance in the selling of our home and our new purchase. If we ever need to buy or sell again in the future, you will definitely be our contact. We are also recommending you to our friends!

Best Regards,
Don & Kathy


I am very grateful to you and your team for selling our house. The team effort has been wonderful. I am impressed with the support and attention to detail that your team has given me. I would recommend your team to anyone planning on selling their home. Besides making my house presentable, it was sold in a fast and timely manner for top dollar.

Thank your for all your efforts,
Joy R. 






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